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Lab Members

Chan Young Park, Ph.D

Chief Project Manager

Running the Lab.

cypark at

Kyu Min KIM (김규민)

Graduate, Ms-PhD combined

muscle for "climbing"

kyumin4120 at gmail

Sang Kwon Lee (이상권)

Graduate, Ms-PhD combined

Inactivation, Inactivation

take7507 at

Young Cheon Kwon (권영천)

Graduate, Ms-PhD combined

Ciliogenesis _ Wow, not easy!


Ah Rm Lee (이아름)

Graduate, Ms-PhD combined

i can understand what is "a non-apoptotic cell death".

Do you want to know? So do I.

One more before Nature submission

Su Ji Jeong (정수지)

Graduate, Ms-PhD combined

Alternative Splicing 

Mouse work


It's Easy

One more when Science submission

Ji Hyun Jang (장기현)


You will see!

Find the tallest guy in the campus, it's easy, you don't need my address.

Yun Young Lee (이윤영)


Stem cell,

KO cells

PLD1, 2


and more - easy to me!


Do you want to know now?

PeeKaPoo~, Weekend only

No Payment, only food, SO, you can see me on the weekend.

Walll Walllllll~~~Auooo~~~~

I haven't had the email account yet

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Sang Min Lee, Ph.D.

Post-doc @ near

Jun Seob Song (송준섭)


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The Park Lab

Calcium Dynamics Lab

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