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A Novel Chemotherapeutic Agent to Treat Tumors with DNA Mismatch Repair Deficiencies.

2016 Jul 15

Alternative splicing converts STIM2 from an activator to an inhibitor of store-operated calcium channels.

Jun 8 2015

C.Y. Park and R.E. Dolmetsch, Cell signaling. The double life of a transcription factor takes it outside the nucleus. Science (2006) 314, 64-5

Chan Young Park, P.J. Hoover, F. Mullins, P. Bachhawat, E.D. Covington S. Raunser,T. Walz, C.K. Garcia, R.E. Dolmetsch and R.S. Lewis (Co-corresponding authors) (2009) STIM1 Clusters and Activates CRAC channels via Direct Binding of a Cytosolic Domain to Orai1. Cell. 136, 876-890

Distinct gating mechanism of SOC channel involving STIM-Orai coupling and an intramolecular interaction of Orai in Caenorhabditis elegans.

May 15. 2018

Eroglu C, Allen NJ, Susman MW, O'Rourke NA, Park CY, Ozkan E, Chakraborty C, Mulinyawe SB, Annis DS, Huberman AD, Green EM, Lawler J, Dolmetsch R, Garcia KC, Smith SJ, Luo ZD, Rosenthal A, Mosher DF, Barres BA. (2009) Gabapentin receptor alpha2delta-1 is a neuronal thrombospondin receptor responsible for excitatory CNS synaptogenesis. Cell. 139:380-92

Establishment of feeder-free culture system for human induced pluripotent stem cell on DAS nanocrystalline graphene.

Feb. 5, 2016

IDstim helps STIM1 keep inactive via intramolecular binding to the coiled-coil domain in a resting state


ITGBL1 modulates integrin activity to promote cartilage formation and protect against arthritis

Oct. 11, 2018

Identification of Orai1 Channel Inhibitors by Using Minimal Functional Domains to Screen Small Molecule Microarrays

Oct. 2014

Metastasis Enhancer PGRMC1 Boosts Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry by Uncoiling Ca2+ Sensor STIM1 for Focal Adhesion Turnover and Actomyosin Formation


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