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The goal of our research is to understand how the calcium signaling is important and diverse. Numerous vital physiological processes such as cell division, proliferation, apoptosis, gene transcription and immune cell activation are regulated by calcium channels. Consequently, calcium channels are important for many pathological processes and diseases including autism, immune deficiency syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. We are interested in the dynamic calcium signaling events mediated by voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs) and store operated calcium channels (SOCs).


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Store Operated Calcium Channel mediated Ca2+ signalings 
- Molecular Mechanism by which STIM and Orai regulate Ca2+ signaling in cells. 
- Immune cells (T cells, Macrophages, etc.), Cancer cells and Red Blood Cells.
- Drug development using channel complex binding small molecules and peptides

- More (digging, now)
Cellular Differentiation by SOCE and a STIM2 splicing variant
 - We found a novel function of STIM2.


When Ca2+ ion shows its function in many cells, we realized that some cells showed different STIM2 splicing variants and how they chose either one. As our lab continues to work on, we start to challenge why/how they choosse one of variants, but we are delighted with the results!

Coronaviruses_OC43, 229E, SARS-CoV-2
- Virus and Host Protein Interaction.

Understanding a host shut-off effect to figure out all about (how, why, what, when, where, who) coronaviruses and find a more safe and effective anti-coronaviruses.

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